Structured settlements sell to Structured settlements companies

A structured settlement is a legal settlement paid out over time, usually through an annuity. Structured settlements are usually intended to help pay for medical bills and to make living with the injuries from an accident easier to manage. It’s a comforting, predictable income. But sometimes, these payments are too small to help you meet your current needs.

Structured settlement’s traditionally come in two forms:

Life-Contingent Structured Settlements

A life contingent structured settlement is set up to make payments for the life of an annuitant.

Guaranteed Payment Structured Settlements

Structured settlements with a guaranteed payment streams pay out for a fixed period, regardless of whether the annuitant is living. The annuitant’s beneficiaries or estate will receive the payments upon the annuitant’s death. Many of our customer’s inherited a guaranteed payment structured settlement from a loved one

Life changes. Shouldn’t your access to your structured settlement payments change with it?

structured settlement sell

Thankfully, you have options. If you need more money now, we can help. At J.G. Wentworth, we’ll offer to buy your future settlement payments for a cash lump sum. We know that most of our customers depend on those payments to pay for everyday expenses, which is why you can choose how much of your future payments you want to sell. In fact, for most of our customers, they only sell a portion of each payment, meaning they get their lump sum and continue to receive part of their regular payments.

Our experienced representatives understand that every sale is unique, which is why they’ll give you options so you can choose what works best with your financial situation.

structured settlement sell starts with a simple phone call. Once our representatives understand what you want, they’ll give you a no-obligation quote. We’ve streamlined our process so that we can get you your money as soon as possible.

How Does structured settlements companies Work

Our structured settlements companies are the largest purchaser of structured settlement payments in the world; having purchased future payments from thousands of customers. This means we have more experience at what we do than any other company, and one of the most common questions we get is how we do what we do.

Our structured settlements companies are Experts In Giving You Options For Getting Your Cash Now

As the largest structured settlement payment buyer in the United States, our understanding of process allows us to streamline your sale, getting you your money as soon as possible.

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped customers get the cash they want, when they want it. This commitment to helping customers access their money as quickly as possible is one of the reasons why our structured settlements companies  has an A+ rating for customer service with the Better Business Bureau.

Whether you’re looking to sell some or all of your structured settlement payments, contact us today and speak to a structured settlements companies representative to explore your options.

Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

In life, the only thing you can really count on is change. Your life today isn’t the same as it was even a year ago, so why are the payments you get from your structured settlement still the same as they were years ago? we think you should have the option to use your money whenever you need it.

No one understands your financial situation better than you do, but here’s just a few reasons some previous customers wanted to structured settlement sell payments:

  • Paying off college loans or other debt
  • Medical expenses
  • A down payment on their dream home
  • Money to start their own business

structured settlements companies are here to give you a way to get access to your money early by offering to buy some or all of your future settlement payments.

How To Get Cash For Your Structured Settlement Payments

Before deciding if selling some or all of your future settlement payments is the right decision for you, it’s important that you get all the information you need so that you can make an informed choice. Here’s a brief overview of the steps involved in selling your structured settlement payments:

Contact a  Representative

After you fill out the online form or call our toll-free number, we’ll put you in contact with an experienced  representative. They’ll ask you about your structured settlement and your need for a lump sum. This lets them understand your unique situation and design an offer that meets your needs.

Once your representative understands your settlement and how much money you need from it, they’ll offer you a few options for how we can help you get that cash. We’ll give you everything you want to know about each deal so that you can review them and choose the option that makes the most sense for you.

We Take Care of the Paperwork for You

Selling your structured settlement payments usually requires a lot of legal paperwork. Your representative will let you know all of the information we need and then they move the matter forward. If they need something you don’t have, they’ll even walk you through the process for how to obtain it.

A Judge Approves the Sale

All structured settlement payment sales must go before a judge. The judge will review your case and will determine whether the sale is in your best interest. This is an important step, but one makes easier thanks to our familiarity with the laws and 25 years of experience to draw on.

You Get Your Cash

Once the judge approves the sale, we’ll pay you your lump sum. In many cases, you’ll have the money in your account or a check in your hand in as little as three business days after we get approval to purchase your future payments. After that, you spend the money according to your need.

It’s Your Money: Use It When You Need It

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access their money, when they want, since no one understands your finances better than you do. For more than 25 years, we’ve helped customers meet their needs. If you have a settlement, but you need to access that cash now, give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can get you your lump sum.

Structured settlements sell any time to our structured settlements companies . As structured settlement investments always pays you off.